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About Us

Lori RyanAlways having a passion for interior design and a love for using creative solutions to achieve a “high end” look for very little money, I became interested in the field of Home Staging.  It seemed like a natural fit.

I staged our first home for resale after researching what would attract buyers in a down market. Our home sold for our asking price and within 30 days. Additionally, the buyers were impressed with the condition of our home and decided not to have a home inspection.  It was then I recognized the value of Home Staging.

Since that experience, the opportunity to stage homes of family and friends have been numerous, all with outstanding results.  I decided to develop my talents further in the home staging profession and start my own company.   After completing a detailed Staging course from, I am proud to be designated an Accredited Staging® Professional (ASP)™

The thought of putting your house on the market for resale can be very overwhelming.  I’m here to guide you through the process of Staging your home.  For a small investment of money and time your house can be set apart from its competition.  Home Staging can give your house the edge to sell quicker and at the top of your price range.  I would love the opportunity to assist you in preparing your home for resale.  Please contact me for a consultation.  Lori Ryan, ASP

Why Stage Your Home

Thirty seconds is all it takes for a potential buyer to decide if they will put an offer on your home.  Your house is probably your largest asset and selling is one of your most important decisions.  Just like other commodities for sale, your home must be seen in order for it to sell.  To sell quickly, it needs to stand out from similar products in the marketplace.  Staging your home will help you reach the full potential and value of your property.

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First Impressions Matter…

First Impressions

Curb Appeal Begins on the Internet

The National Association of Realtors estimates 90% of people begin looking for their next home on the internet. This is where first impressions are made. Staging your home prior to taking pictures for the internet will help create interest in your home with potential buyers and real estate agents. If you don't have appealing photos on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), your home may be dismissed with the click of the mouse.