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First Impressions Home Staging and Redesign offers a variety of home staging and redesign services. Of course it is our pleasure to customize a plan which will correspond to your specific needs whether it is complete or partial staging of your property or a personalized consultation.


A Consultation offers a comprehensive look at your house both inside and outside. A detailed written report will be completed using a proven set of professional guidelines. This report will be the Action Plan for staging your home for resale.

First, I will meet with you and your Realtor.  We will first take a look at your house from across the street to see what improvements might be done to increase your property’s curb appeal.  Then we will tour your home, room by room. After, I will make a study of each room, taking photos and writing notes in order to prepare your Action Plan. I will provide you with a list of the top five priority items which will need to be tackled to help sell your home fast.  These items may include rearranging furniture, de-cluttering, neutralizing the décor and color, and minor repairs. Your Action Plan will be provided within 48 hours of the consultation.

Consultations are great for homeowners who want the look of a Staged® home for a minimal investment. If you desire to do some work but need an expert to tell you what to do, a Consultation is right for you.

Home Staging

Home Staging implements the recommendations of your Action Plan developed after a consultation.   All recommendations are designed to showcase the best features of your house and to appeal to the largest audience of potential home buyers. We are happy to work with your budget and timeframe.  First Impressions Home Staging will depersonalize, de-clutter, reposition furniture, hang art, and place decorative accessories, purposefully making each room look larger.  A warm and inviting environment can be achieved by using your own possessions or we can bring in items which will enhance your property. When completed, your home will be ready for its “Open House.”

Vacant Home Staging

Staging vacant properties is the art of temporarily decorating specific areas with the intent to sell. Less than 10% of the population can visualize their possessions in an empty space.  It is important to show potential buyers how a space can look for the property to sell fast and at the top of its price range. Staging allows the focus to be on the best features of the home while offering the potential buyers the ability to visually see themselves living in the home. An emotional connection between the home and the buyer is established and the potential for a sale is heightened.

New Home, Move In

Now that you have found your new home,  move in with the help of First Impressions Home Staging and Redesign. Allow us to help reduce the stress of moving by creating a plan for furniture arrangement and color selections in your new home.  This service will allow for a smoother move.


First Impressions Staging and Redesign will assist a homeowner in decorating their home with the items they already own and love. Like staging, redesign may include color selection, rearranging furniture, hanging art and placing accessories.  It is a cost effective design alternative which will give your home a facelift without the cost of an Interior Designer.  Utilizing your furnishings and treasures, First Impressions will shop your home (with your permission) to find new and creative ways to display your family’s possessions.  This will result in a complete interior transformation which will reflect your personality, style, comfort and functionality to your living space without having to buy anything. We will repurpose rather than replace items.

Home Décor Shopping

We will create a budget and shop for the accessories which serve as an investment in your home.  Just by purchasing simple, inexpensive pieces the look of the room can drastically be transformed.

Why Stage Your Home

Thirty seconds is all it takes for a potential buyer to decide if they will put an offer on your home.  Your house is probably your largest asset and selling is one of your most important decisions.  Just like other commodities for sale, your home must be seen in order for it to sell.  To sell quickly, it needs to stand out from similar products in the marketplace.  Staging your home will help you reach the full potential and value of your property.

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First Impressions Matter…

First Impressions

Curb Appeal Begins on the Internet

The National Association of Realtors estimates 90% of people begin looking for their next home on the internet. This is where first impressions are made. Staging your home prior to taking pictures for the internet will help create interest in your home with potential buyers and real estate agents. If you don't have appealing photos on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), your home may be dismissed with the click of the mouse.