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Staging Benefits

Staged homes sell 2 to 3 times faster than the un-staged competition and have a sales price 5 to 20% higher.  These are only two of the many benefits to having First Impressions Home Staging and Redesign stage your home.

Most ASP Staged Homes Sell 37 Days or Less

The top home staging benefits are:

1. Sell your home 2 – 3 times faster

2. Get a sales price 5 – 20% higher

3. Internet images are more appealing as 90% of buyers view your property online before visiting

4. Staged homes have been neutralized to allow all buyers to imagine living there

5. Staged homes are more appealing and are recognized as the best properties to show and tour

6. Buyers view staged homes as well cared for properties

7. Building inspectors view staged homes as well cared for properties

8. Appraisers are more likely to appraise staged homes at full value

As shown in the table below, the benefits of staging come at a relatively low cost.


Why Stage Your Home

Thirty seconds is all it takes for a potential buyer to decide if they will put an offer on your home.  Your house is probably your largest asset and selling is one of your most important decisions.  Just like other commodities for sale, your home must be seen in order for it to sell.  To sell quickly, it needs to stand out from similar products in the marketplace.  Staging your home will help you reach the full potential and value of your property.

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First Impressions Matter…

First Impressions

Curb Appeal Begins on the Internet

The National Association of Realtors estimates 90% of people begin looking for their next home on the internet. This is where first impressions are made. Staging your home prior to taking pictures for the internet will help create interest in your home with potential buyers and real estate agents. If you don't have appealing photos on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), your home may be dismissed with the click of the mouse.